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The securest database,
to build whatever you need

Condensation is an open-source zero trust, distributed database enabling to build modern applications while ensuring data ownership and security

Data control

With Condensation, a user encrypt his data only for other entrusted users intended to receive the data. It's simple as that.

Data reliability

When shared, a piece of data is always signed and marked by a timestamp. Nothing is lost.

Data protection

Database service providers can never read users data. No need to worry about breaches anymore.

Data integrity

When a piece of data is shared, it is identified by an address which is generated from its content. There is no way to receive manipulated data.


An open source code with all the essentials

Lines of code
Bits end-to-end encryption

Condensation main features


Distributed database

Data can be synchronized between any number of clients, even without severs.


Cloud compatible

The database can be stored securely on the cloud safe of data breaches. Multi-location hosting capability.


Multiple data type storage

Store data as documents, columns, time-series, key-value and files thanks to our multi-model database capabilities.


Conflict free merge

100% automated conflict free data merge with CRDTs, using both “most recent merge” and “union”.



Native versioning and previous version rollback capabilities. Data is immutable and stored into versioning trees.


Offline & mobile-first mode

Works while offline. Modifications are saved into transactions and handled once connection is back.

Condensation is free and community driven
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Build efficient applications, without handling multi layer tech stacks

Sensitive data applications

Make your app secure by design

Applications handling sensitive data will benefit from asymmetrical end-to-end encryption. The secured architecture ensures data can’t be decrypted by hosting providers or third-parties.

Collaboration platforms

Enable unlimited collaboration

Condensation’s powerful merge algorithm ensures a 100% merge success makes the user experience flawless while data security is maintained thanks to the versioning capability.

IoT devices

Build your distributed network

By leveraging Condensation’s distributed architecture and offline capabilities, IoT devices will work continuously and their data is stored and resynchronized in case of internet failure.

Get the white paper

Condensation is a novel database built on recent research on cryptography and algorithms. It offers functions to store and share data, and excels at data synchronization. For a more technical perspective you can consult our white paper.

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Condensation is stable and available as a Java version. We are currently translating the database into a web version and writing our white paper.

  1. January 2021

    Java version for Android

  2. February 2021

    White paper release

  3. May 2021

    C integration for microcontrollers

  4. July 2021

    Javascript version for web apps

  5. November 2021

    Swift version for iOS

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