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Our Mission

We enable data ownership for the protection of digital rights

The 2020s are the era of data, from data-driven companies to privates personal health apps, while data production and value increase tremendously they also carry along complex data security challenges.

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Data security is a real-world issue

During the last years the world’s biggest data breaches affected billions of people.


A one stop open source project to match today's and tomorrow's database challenges

All tools needed to build apps respecting high security standards​. All data is end-to-end encrypted and signed using strong encryption algorithms (RSA, AES). Network and storage systems (and their administrators) only see encrypted data. Data ownership and security are respected with minimal risks of data breaches.

Condensation is distributed. Data can be synchronized across devices whenever they are connected. Mobile devices may communicate through intermediate servers, but no central server is needed. It enables simultaneous users collaboration with advanced issues-free merge​.

Condensation can scale up without limits. As the system is purely distributed it can be sharded across multiple database servers. It can also be managed in an hybrid way with on prem and cloud installations.

“In todays' connected world, data is used on different devices, or shared with other people. Hence, efficient data synchronization is key.”

Thomas Lochmatter, founder of Condensation

Your commitment is key

We want to create an inclusive and welcoming community contributing with the development of Condensation and educating others to discover it.


Are you a developer?

If you are a front-end or back-end developer or a scientist, you can help to make the core available on different platform and develop all the tools that will simplify developer's life.

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Are you a technical writer?

Do you have or do you want to developer technical writing skills? A good documentation, provided with examples and samples of code is a key factor of success for an open source project.

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Are you a content creator?

By writing use-cases, courses or blog posts, you can educate others about the potential of Condensation. We will make sure you work is seen by many and shared on socials.

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Become a supporter

Condensation pursue a public interest cause, if you believe in it and can afford it, you can donate and become a supporter. Donations are not open to individuals yet.

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